This division is newly set up as in expanding activities so that we can fulfill the requirements of Marine sector.We can supply marine engines, spare parts for engine and deck equipments, steering controls and other ship building parts.

                                      Piston and piston rings

The piston design consists of a forged steel crown and nodular cast iron skirt with pressurized skirt lubrication.

The three-ring pack comprises two ceramic chromium-plated, compression rings and an oil distributor ring. This ring pack ensures optimum pressure distribution and reduces lubrication oil consumption.

The combustion chamber ensures efficient combustion at all loads, while the component temperatures are kept low.


Special attention was given to the optimization of the various geometric characteristics, such as cylinder distance, to achieve a space-saving solution.

By using three-dimensional finite-element analysis, an optimal result is achieved with maximum overall rigidity and moderate bearing loads.

All criteria of the classification societies are met with large margins.

The engine can be delivered with a 100% power PTO shaft at free end.

Cylinder liner with anti - polishing ring

 Flanged liner with tangential water flow, and symmetrically supported at the top.

Anti-polishing ring removes the carbon from the top land of the piston, thereby preventing liner polishing. This system results in a drastic reduction of cylinder wear, lower lubricating oil consumption and a clean piston.


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